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David McMahon and Caroline Raisler met in February of 2007 in New Haven, Connecticut.  Caroline was a student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and David worked at the Yale library.  But we met online because Caroline never went to the library.

We quickly found that we were very compatible.  When Caroline finished her coursework and was ready to move up to Northampton, MA, she asked David to come too and he said yes, even though it meant he’d need to learn how to drive.  They moved in together (and David became Maddy’s step-person) in June of 2008.  David found a job at the Springfield College Library and Caroline graduated from grad school in January of 2009 and got a job working for the state, protecting land.

In February of 2009, we decided to get married.  That summer, life got interesting when we invited David’s sister Erica and her husband Clark to move in.  We bought a house in Northampton and started working on fixing it up.  Erica and Clark  had a baby, Hunter, who we help take care of.   We started a garden which will hopefully be bearing fruit and vegetables by the time of the wedding.

For us, this wedding is not the beginning of a life together.  We have already begun a rich and fulfilling and way-too-busy life.  The wedding is an opportunity to gather our various families and communities of friends and spend time with them.  The wedding is also a chance to declare our intentions for our life together in front of all of you and have you witness and support that.

We are very excited for Project: Wedding Camp!

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