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This page is to introduce you to those people who have been or will be helping out in certain ways at the wedding.  Please look out for these people and do what they tell you to do.

  • Camp Kinderland staff will help facilitate throughout the weekend. They will direct parking, coordinate meals, organize camp activities, set up campfires, prepare cabins, help with childcare and generally make the experience more pleasant for everyone. Please be respectful and follow any directions they may give.

This is Frank
  • Frank Critelli will be our officiant and master of ceremonies. He is a musician, concert organizer and school teacher. David has known Frank for many years. Many of the most special moments in our courtship took place at events organized by or featuring Frank’s performances. His warmth, sincerity and joyfulness are exactly the spirit we want this event to posses.
  • Joseph Kushik will be our professional photographer.  While we know many of our guests will also take good pictures, we wanted you all to feel free to enjoy yourself and not feel pressured to photograph.  Joe Kushik’s approach is to be the “invisible photographer,” not going around posing people but rather just capturing the feeling of the day.
  • Tessa Modzer, a friend of David’s, will the videographer.
  • Kim Schefler, Caroline’s new stepmother, will be the Ceremony and Reception Coordinator, making sure that everyone remembers what they need to do to make the event run smoothly.

This is Kim

We asked these people to do these jobs because they had special skills that made them suited for the jobs.  We do want everyone to play an active role in making this wedding weekend happen.  Please participate by:

  • Making a toast or doing a reading at the Reception Dinner.
  • Making an effort to socialize with people you don’t know and have a good time.
  • Organizing or attending a Camp Activity.

Many other people have played a more behind-the-scenes role in making the wedding happen, particularly in providing emotional support in the wedding planning process.

  • Mary Ann Quinn, David’s Grandma, hand made our wedding invitations (which also are the banner for this website).
  • Sara Kelsey, Caroline’s mother, addressed most of the invites (if yours doesn’t look good it’s because Caroline addressed it) and provided a lot of helpful advice and emotional support.
  • Our friends Sandra, Eva, Ursula, and Bob helped with the flowers.
  • Caroline’s father, Ken Raisler, provided the financial support that will make Project: Wedding Camp possible.
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