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Camp Kinderland

Camp Kinderland is a summer camp, founded in 1923 by Jewish activists as a retreat for their children from the tenements of New York City.  After the summer ends, they rent out the camp for groups to enjoy all of their facilities.  We are going to have the whole camp for the weekend to enact Project: Wedding Camp.  It’s going to be lots of fun!


Camp Kinderland has great facilities, including a waterfront, trails, an arts building, a big dining hall, and a playhouse.  We plan to make use of all of them for general hanging out, Camp Activities, and the Ceremony and Reception.


Our hope is that most people will want to stay Friday and Saturday nights in the cabins at Camp Kinderland.  The cabins are rustic buildings but they all have electricity, bathrooms, and showers.  The cabins have twin beds, some of which are more comfortable than others.  Two twins can be pushed together to form a king size bed.  You can also bring an air mattress if you prefer.  We will  match people to cabins once we have the RSVPs. If we will need you to share a cabin with people who are not in your group we will check in with you first.

If you would rather not stay at the camp, a list of other accommodations are here.

Getting Around Camp

The main area of the camp is open grass space with gravel paths and mild hills. It is very walkable. If you need assistance getting around, you can have someone drive you to and from but you’ll need to park the car in the parking lot.


It is likely that you will get no cell phone reception at camp, and there is no wi-fi internet either.  The camp does have an internet connection and a landline phone that are available for emergency use only.


Are not allowed.  Not even Maddy.  Sorry!

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