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Driving in a Car

The address of camp is 1543 Colebrook River Road Tolland, MA 01034. Please use google maps or your GPS for general directions, but we recommend that you use the directions below for landmarks when you get close. Also note that there are no gas stations near camp. If you’re running low, please fill up at the last bigger town you pass through, which will probably be either Winsted, Gt. Barrington, or Westfield. Finally, if you get lost, call the camp’s landline at  (413) 258-4463.

From the NYC and Meriden, CT areas you’ll wind up taking Take Route 8 North. Route 8 as an expressway ends at Winsted, CT., but it continues as a highway.  At end of expressway Route 8 turn right and continue on Route 8 North approximately 15 miles until intersection with Mass. Route 57 at New Boston (Sandisfield).  Take right turn up a steep hill onto route 57; continue 3.5 or so  miles to a signpost that says Colebrook River road, also marked by Marie Whitney’s Antiques, Twin Brook Campground sign, small Camp Kinderland sign. Turn right onto Colebrook River Road and go exactly 3 miles to Kinderland sign on left.  Turn left onto camp road. On Route 57 If you get to the (now closed) High Country General Store on your left, you’ve gone too far.

Warning: There are Tea Party Patriots in the neighborhood.


The parking area at the end of the camp driveway will be clearly indicated. Look for the sign for the Camp Office where all guests, whether overnight or day-visitors must check in. You’ll get your room assignment along with a map of the camp and other information. You can drive to your cabin to unload your gear but you’ll need to leave your car in the parking area.


We encourage carpooling.  If you are willing to carpool, please leave a note in the comments about where you are coming from, what time you plan to arrive and leave camp, and how many people you can take.  If you would like to carpool, please leave a note as well.  Thanks!

Air and Public Transport

The nearest airport to Camp Kinderland is Bradley Airport (BDL), which is 50 minutes away.  You can rent a car at the airport or arrange with us to have someone come pick you up.

The nearest Amtrak Train Station is Springfield, MA, which is 50 minutes away.  If you would like to take the train, please let us know.  We’ll try to coordinate so everyone is on one or two trains and then get someone to drive everyone to and from the train.

The nearest Peter Pan bust stop is in Winsted, CT, which is 25 minutes away.  If you would like to take the bus, we can pick you up.  Just let us know.

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  1. Jenny Aisenberg permalink
    07/28/2010 11:43 am

    Hello, fellow friends of Caroline and David! I’d like to take the train to Springfield option if enough others are doing so that it’s convenient and realistic (with a friday arrival & sunday departure).

    Or, if anyone else is coming from the NYC area and has a car, I’d love to sign up to carpool with you! See y’all at the project wedding campfire 🙂

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