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What to Bring


Clothing for most of the weekend is camp clothes.  Clothing for the ceremony is festive casual.  We’d love it if you would wear your favorite outfit, whatever that may be.

You will need comfortable shoes for walking on grass and dirt, even for the ceremony and reception.  It can get down into the 50s or below at night, so bring some warm clothes.

Bring sunglasses.  The ceremony may be kind of sunny.

Bring raingear.  If we all bring our raingear, maybe it won’t rain.

And don’t forget your swimsuit!


Bug spray
Shampoo, toothpaste, and any other toiletries beyond soap


All linens (sheets, pillows, blankets, bathtowels) will be provided.  You might want to bring extra blankets and/or sleeping bags, for if gets really cold at night.


Bottles for water – Nalgene or similar so we don’t waste cups
Musical Instruments
Folding outdoor furniture – lawn chairs, camping chairs.
Picnic blankets
Beach Towels
Outdoor and indoor games (the camp has games, but if you have favorites bring them)

For Kids

We plan to provide beds for kids 3 and up.  If your kid(s) is/are younger than 3, bring a pack-and-play or whatever else you think they should sleep in.  If you’d like us to provide younger kids with a bed, let us know.

Similarly, if your child cannot sit in a chair and eat a meal, please bring whatever is necessary to keep them happy and fed at mealtime (booster seat, high chair, etc.).

Please leave questions or comments about what to bring in the comments below.

What not to bring:

Pets – Unfortunately, we can’t bring any animals to camp. Not even Maddy!

Firewood – The camp will provide firewood for us.

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