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Family and Friends

We did not choose “special people” for our wedding party because everyone we’ve invited to this event is really important to us.  A big part of why we wanted to have a wedding is so that the various people in our lives can get to know each other.  We thought it would be great to get it started before we even arrive at Camp.

Please comment below with a bit about yourself.  Suggested questions to answer (though you can say whatever you want):

  • Name
  • How you know Caroline and/or David
  • What your career and life interests are
  • Where you live
  • What you’re looking forward to doing at the wedding
  • Who you’re coming to the wedding with
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  1. Jenny Aisenberg permalink
    07/28/2010 12:38 pm

    In grand Smithie tradition, I’ll be the first loudmouth to introduce myself here ;p

    Hi fellow friends of C&D! I’ve known Caroline since our dorm days, sharing a suite in the best house at Smith– BALDWIN, woot woot! We first bonded in the ’99-’00 school year over midnight snacks, when Caroline and Ingrid (fellow suitemate) found out that I had after-hours access to the kosher kitchen, where we could invade and bake illicit late-night cakes and brownies at our whim. It took about 6 months to get to this point, of course, because Caroline isn’t quite the extrovert/loudmouth that I am (and neither is Ingrid)…I think it ended up working out quite well for all of us, though. I taught the two of them how to be a little bit louder, and they taught me everything I know about brain science and the ecology of our beautiful campus. Other than illicit late-night baking, our two main activities as undergrad suitemates were taking twilight walks around the lake (so Caroline could educate us about the red spotted newt), and watching Big Cat Diaries on Animal Planet. These are basically the same activities we partake in when we get together now…but with more snacks (thanks David!) 🙂

    As for me, I live in NYC, where I manage the various online resources for a Jewish education nonprofit; on the side, I blog for a queer women’s media site,, and I head up the 20’s/30’s social group at my groovy, lefty synagogue in Brooklyn, Kolot Chayeinu ( I am especially proud of the location that C&D have chosen to celebrate their wedding, because not only is it an awesome woodsy paradise for us to all recapture our camp days, it was founded by a group of radical/lefty/socialist tenement Jews from NYC in the 1920’s!

    I eagerly await the s’mores, the hiking, the lake, and all the fun of camp with my fellow Baldwin babes, and the many other friends of C&D I’ve had the good fortune to meet at their soirees over the years. Plus, I’ll have just gotten back from Burning Man, so I’ll (I hope) have a few tales to tell (And it goes without saying that I look forward to celebrating Caroline & David’s actual wedding, of course!!!)

  2. Tessa Mozdzer permalink
    08/09/2010 3:36 pm

    Hi 🙂
    I’m Tessa, and I know Dave through my boyfriend, Derek. The two go way back to high school, and the few times I’ve met Dave have been enjoyable ones.
    As for my career goals, they tie into this wedding. I am actively trying to get into the wedding videography business, and will be testing out my skills at this wedding. Dave has graciously agreed to let me tape the wedding and try to edit it creatively. I promise, I won’t be shoving a camera in everyone’s face. I simply want to capture the day and let others remember it.
    I’m from Connecticut, and will be coming with Derek 🙂

  3. Erica McMahon permalink
    08/29/2010 12:35 pm


    So, I’m Erica. I’m David’s younger sister. We’ve had an interesting past and to tell you the truth, I’ve only begun really getting to know David over the last few years.

    As of right now I have many life interests, and career goals. I am interested in my son, Hunter. He’s amazing. He’s struggling with more than most of us will in our lives, but he’s only 8 months old! Also, the best part is, if i didn’t tell you that, you’d never know. I’m interested in learning more about who I am, where my life can take me, and what I need to do to have the best experiences, whether they be bad or good. I’m also interested in learning more about my husband Clark. He’s amazing. He is by far the most understanding person I know. As for career interests, I’m start school back up again in September and I’m hoping to graduate with a Sociology major. I’m not sure if I want to work with kids, addicts, veterans, seniors, at a hospital, or incorporating my work with art. Time will tell I guess!

    I currently live in Northampton with David and Caroline. We’re “house-mates” 🙂

    At the wedding I’m looking forward to meeting some more of Caroline’s friends and family. I’m also looking forward to meeting more of David’s friends, if I haven’t met them all already! I’ve also been looking forward to helping out with what I can. Hunter meeting other kids seems like it should be fun too. I’m definitely excited about the different activities that are planned, and the awesome music that’s going to be played!

    I’m coming to the wedding with my wonderful husband Clark, and of course Hunter! I hope if you see us you take a minute to come over and say hi!

  4. Kevin and Tabatha Merrill permalink
    09/05/2010 1:38 pm

    I know Dave from way back in kindergarden, or perhaps earlier. For quite awhile we lived two houses from each other and where always togther. David moved in with my family in High School to permenatley cement himself into the Merrill family for ever. After High School I joined the Marine Corps and traveled the world, but always kept in contact with Dave. I can say with out any doubt that he has been one of my best friends through out my life
    I think the thing that we are looking forward most to the wedding is spending the weekend at the camp with friends and family and my kids going crazy on the dance floor.

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