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First we should say that the main gift we want is your presence at the wedding.  We are so grateful that you can take a weekend out of your life and spend it with us.

If you want to give, we’d most like you to give to an organization called Mass Equality.  We are so happy to be able to legally marry each other and have all the rights and benefits that entails, but we do feel it’s necessary to recognize that not everyone has that right.  We live in the first state to allow legal gay marriage, and Mass Equality has been instrumental in defending attacks against gay marriage in Massachusetts and in fighting for it in other states.  They’re a fine organization and deserving of your support.

If you really want to give us material things, we’d love homemade, crafty things – if you posses any such skills. We’ve also registered for a few things at  The password is our wedding date – 09/25/10.

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